Where is your store located?

B Run Sports does not have a physical storefront and there are no plans currently to get one. This online only business model allows us to avoid leases, employees, security, and a myriad of additional costs associated with using a brick and mortar store. These savings are then passed on to our friends (that's our customers) to provide lower prices than our competitors.

Why do autographs cost so much?

In short, it's because people are willing to pay the price. The sports memorabilia industry is valued at $5.4 billion annually according to Forbes. Fans such as myself that enjoy collecting are willing to pay that premium price to get that autograph on a photo, sporting equipment item, etc. The prices can really escalate for fans that favor authentic equipment pieces over replicas. Authentic helmets, for example, can cost as much as $600 or more and that doesn't include the cost of getting the athlete's autograph. That's additional and athlete's are typically paid per autograph.

How do I know the autograph is authentic?

If you don't witness the autograph yourself, you never truly know. However, there are several reputable businesses that stake their reputation on authenticating autographs and other types of sports memorabilia or collectible items. B Run Sports will only sell autographed items that have been personally witnessed or are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity (COA) from one of these reputable companies (like PSA, Beckett, Fanatics, etc.). B Run Sports will only place their own authenticity hologram label on items where the autograph is personally witnessed. Earning the trust of my friends (that's you) is of the utmost importance of B Run Sports.

Will you sell items that athletes can autograph?

Yes. As events are set up, products related to the athletes appearing in each event will be made available for purchase. For example, footballs, helmets, and jerseys will be made available for football players appearing at our events. This includes the collegiate and professional levels. So if a player played for Texas Tech and the Dallas Cowboys, products from both of those teams will be available to order from our website.

Who is Jeff Burroughs and why do you always sell things with his autograph?

Jeff Burroughs was the overall number one draft pick of the Washington Senators in 1969. From 1972-1976, Burroughs played for the Texas Rangers, which is my Dad's favorite team. I ended up becoming an Astros fan but we both love Nolan Ryan. But I digress. Jeff Burroughs was my Dad's favorite player at the time, and possibly still is. On November 20th, 1974, Jeff Burroughs was named the American League MVP as a member of the Texas Rangers on the same day that I was born. He is who I was named after even though my Mom decided to spell my name a little differently. Therefore, as a small token of appreciation to my parents for raising such a fine young man, I will always have Jeff Burroughs items available to be purchased whether they sell or not.

Will you ever invite Baker Mayfield to be a part of your signing events or sell anything that he has autographed?