About B Run Sports

Have you ever heard someone say something along the lines of, "I would love to get (X Player's) autograph"?

I've not only heard it, I've said it myself. Well, that thought, as well as my love for collecting sports memorabilia, was the initial spark that brought about B Run Sports. While I can't guarantee I'll have stuff signed by your favorite player, I'll make every effort to make NIL deals with fan favorites. B Run Sports is more than a sports memorabilia online store. It's a dream of hosting autograph and other events in Lubbock, TX.

People see the name and many times they think it's a shoe store or something that has to do with running. I understand. Simply put, it's the first four letters of my last name and this variation comes from a story my Dad conjured up. He participated in a leadership type conference and one of the exercises was to tell a story to help people remember his name. Long story short, he came up with a story about a bee chasing him while he was running with his son. 

So while B Run Sports will have a website that is available 24/7 so that fans can purchase various autographed items from various sports leagues and genres, the true aim is to reconnect the great Red Raider fans with their favorite Red Raider athletes. 

While there are no current plans to open up a physical brick and mortar storefront, rest assured that we will be here to make sure our friends (that's you) and products will be respected and cared for so that we can build mutual trust with each other. Know that collectors are purchasing collectibles from a collector and I take pride in the care of your new item whether I ship or deliver.

I appreciate you. For those that actually read this and made it this far, here's a friendly tidbit for you from an unknown author:

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Some poems rhyme
This one doesn't

Thanks again,

Jeff Brunson